Real Estate Litigation

real estate litigation landlord tenant unlawful detainer real estate contract real estate lawyer real estate attorneyPreparing For Real Estate Litigation

It is easy to get attached to real estate. Any slight against a piece of property can often be blown out of proportion, and the courts get involved far more often that one might think. If this happens to you, you might have to prepare for real estate litigation.

Real estate litigation is usually a particularly difficult area of the law. After all, many suits not only deal with facts but also the emotions of the parties to the case. If you find yourself in a dispute over land, a home or any other aspect of real estate, you can find yourself in for a long and difficult fight if you do not have the right representation. There are those that will fight for decades over a few square feet of undeveloped land, and even more reasonable matters can still drag on far longer than should be possible.

If you are preparing for real estate litigation, it is always smart to work with a San Diego real estate attorney that can get you the help that you need. Be it representation in the court room or a strong voice at the negotiation table, such an attorney can help you to settle the dispute in the most reasonable manner possible. In such cases, simply having a party that is not driven by emotion can make all the difference.

Contact us for any of the following issues:

  • Breach of a purchase and sale agreement
  • Specific performance of a purchase agreement
  • Commercial lease disputes involving options, renewal terms, or assignments
  • Title problems involving easements, boundaries, or encroachments
  • Construction defects and warranties
  • Litigation between real estate developers and contractors
  • Zoning and land use problems
  • Neighbor Disputes
  • HOA Disputes
  • Government Disputes
  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes
  • Real Estate Broker and Agent Disputes
  • Real Estate Developer and Contractor Disputes
  • Landowner and Title Disputes
  • Buyer and Seller Disputes
  • Finance and Lender Disputes
  • Home Inspector / Property Inspector Disputes
  • Property Manager Disputes
  • Escrow Officer Disputes
  • Other


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